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To receive alternate formats, the examinee must provide prior notification to the testing center.

Special testing accommodations, such as extra time, are intended to account for the effects of a person’s disability.

Students who need special housing accommodations must inform Catrina Gallo, Residence Life’s Coordinator for Student Support, of the nature of their request.

Staff will not ask for more information than is needed to adequately review a request.

No formal approval is required for the use of allowable resources.

"I felt very nervous first coming to university, as anyone would, and it's a perfectly natural feeling.Students requesting reasonable accommodations for on-campus university housing must complete the Housing Disability Accommodation Request Form.Also, you will be required to have your treating professional fill out the Housing Disability Accommodation Request Form for Healthcare Professionals.SHIFT (Students Heading Into Full Time) and Portage are our free holistic transition programs for students with disabilities who are heading into any post-secondary institution in Ontario.

These programs offer participants a space to explore possibilities for personal empowerment, and a positive start to their academic studies.See below for Halls of Residence which have adapted rooms.

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