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11-Oct-2016 04:03

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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Women, run as fast as you can, away from these men. I dated a guy like this, bought his BS story about how he had all this hard luck that got him into trouble, and how he wanted to straighten his life out...within 2 years, he was back in prison, for several charges.

In America ex-felons carry the stigma of being convicted for life.

His past troubles also made it difficult for him to get a visa to the UK, leading to a very public deportation, in April this year.

Then there are those who believe that once a person has been convicted of a felony they should be treated as felons and denied opportunities for the rest of their lives.

We have programs in every state that offers assistance to ex-felons being released from prison, yet, every time ex-felons complete applications for employment, they are constantly reminded that some things never change.

That woman -- a convicted felon -- wanted to know if she can legally marry another felon. Those conditions commonly include an order to stay away from other convicted felons.

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Such a mandate ordinarily forbids any sort of association, socialization, cohabitation and romantic involvement with other felons. The supervised felon(s) would have to ask the judge or parole board to alter the terms of release.

Remember that the above only applies to those on probation or parole.