Rumors of jay z beyonce dating

27-Mar-2016 17:32

Since the infamous elevator smackdown with Bey’s sister Solange was caught on video, Beyonce and Jay-Z have been trying desperately to convince the public that they are a happy couple, and no one is buying it.

Earlier this year, sources came forward and revealed that Beyonce and Jay-Z are sleeping in separate bedrooms – and fighting constantly, to the point that their staff was jumping ship left and right.

The guys have known each other for almost two decades, Kanye having produced Jay Z's 2000 tune "This Can't Be Life;"; 2001's smash-hit "Izzo (H. Then, of course, Kanye and Jay Z joined forces on 2011's Grammy-nominated In 2012, Kanye finally started dating the woman of his dreams and Kim was first snapped with Beyoncé while their significant others performed in Birmingham, England.Before Kim started dating Kanye, West was very close with Beyonce and Jay — but all of that supposedly changed once Kardashian came into the mix of things.