Updating movable type

29-Apr-2016 14:02

To make matters worse, if you're a user of certain versions, even if you try and get rid of the tag, you might have problems. Users who first created this template in a version of Movable Type from v3.0D to 3.17 will have to make three changes. It will look something like this: Various versions of the software would create a Site Java Script file for you.A plugin that adds buttons to the Movable Type 6 plain editor.However, it is not on my most recent comments section on my home page. Also, I fixed a usability annoyance: the Comment Previewing page now remembers your name and such.By now, there's a reasonable chance that if you've wanted to upgrade to the latest release of Movable Type, you've done so. Perhaps you're hoping that your favorite plugin will be updated (there are still a few that haven't been released for MT4).If you put it somewhere else then be sure to edit the PHP code. To do this, create a new node of type 'page' on your site and give it the input format type of PHP (you might want to unpublish it as well so people don't stumble upon it).The content of this new page should be the following code: Last but not least, log in as the user you want to be the "author" of all the blog posts you migrate (ie: In my case that user was 'James').One annoyance that due to my tired state this evening I may not be thinking about right: I installed the Simple Comments plugin.

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, the GIF is automatically inserted into your post.

Adding a GIF with the Giphy plugin couldn’t be easier.