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standard for blog syndication, and it is used widely in both personal and corporate settings; for example, in blogs.

And because a large percentage of these blogs run on Word Press, we’ll cover in this post some (hopefully) relatively unknown but useful RSS-related tricks and hacks that will help you use RSS in a more effective way — and without unnecessary and chunky Word Press plug-ins. 24th, 2016 Let’s take a look at 10 useful, yet rather unknown RSS-tricks for Word Press.

Sure, you can edit it, but there’s another problem: the article has already been published in your RSS feed.

To avoid this kind of problem, use this recipe to create a delay between the publication of a post and its availability in your RSS feed. To apply this hack, simply paste the following code into your theme’s file.

Beginner bloggers usually start to use Feed Burner only after they have seen it used on many other blogs and realize how useful and cool this tool is.

They sign up and start to use it, but their early readers are already subscribed to their default Word Press feed. If so, you must be bored having to edit each call to The problem.

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RSS has always been an important part of a blog because your readers can stay updated on your latest and favourite blog post through the RSS and which in returns helps your site to get lots of traffic.

If you have a blog, you may want to use an RSS campaign to email new posts to your subscribed contacts.