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07-Jul-2016 06:40

I'll have pics before terribly long hopefully.

Lately I've been looking for a girl to call mine.

Find the right people, and it's impossible to miss. In the mean time, I'm his evil twin, how are you this evening?

I've found the sense of community that I once loved about this place. he's in the bathroom stall getting a blowjob from the cute cocktail waitress...

You’ll find it easy to have adult fun in the UK with Sex In The UK. Do come over and check out my favorite albums every now and then... My name is Aisyah, and I’m a 20 year old student who volunteers part time as a nurse in an... If you're looking for Prince Charming, you just missed him.

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He's "coming out of a relationship." He's "focusing on work." He "travels a lot." Listen, he's not looking for more friends. At best, he's looking to have sex with someone he vaguely enjoys the company of while he's putting on his pants and booking it out of her apartment. Watch where he keeps the kitchen scissors and sleep with one eye open, girl.… continue reading »

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